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How to Track your lost android phone?

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Are you worried about your stolen or misplaced phone? You can ease your tensions and fears by setting up a special tracking system in tabletsTo get the best results, connect your smartphone with Wi-Fi. Moreover, mobile networks and GPS will help you to pinpoint a perfect location.

Make sure to manage your Google account for tracking services. The new Android phones come with “Find My Device” service. It will help you to locate your app. Check this option in the settings app. Sometimes, you have to download this feature “Find My Device” from the Play Store of Google. Remember, this service amalgamates with Google to find your device easily. 

It will help you to find the last location of your phone. The tablets also come with this feature. Here are some easy tips to find a stolen or lost phone.

A Protected Lock Screen

Turn on the fingerprint and passcode authentication. Avoid using facial recognition because it is easy to trick this technology with your photo. Remember, this technology can be secure with the official support of Android Q

Moreover, set up authentication with your fingerprint and create a passcode in setting apps. You can find all these options under the security section. No doubt, it can be irritating to unlock a phone after these authentications, but it is necessary. It allows you to increase the security of tablets.

With these actions, you can protect your sensitive information, such as email, banking apps, photos, etc. These extra efforts to unlock your phone can save your sensitive details from strangers.

Best tablets

Find My Device by Google

Once you use a Google account to sign in your Android device, Find My Device will be on. With this option, you can find a lost or missing phone. Moreover, you can remotely track and lock a phone. It is possible to erase your information remotely.

Check the “Settings app” to enable “Find My Device” and see “Security & Location – Find My Device”. Turn on this option to find your stolen or lost phone and/or tablet. 

Locate Phone with a Google Account

You can find the whereabouts of your stolen or lost phone by logging in a Google account from another phone or a computer.

  • Launch a web browser from a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Steer to
  • Enter your email address along with the password to complete this process. You have to log in to your account. Access “Find My Device” and feel free to choose from three available options.

Play a sound to make some noise (even if a phone is on silent). With this feature, you can locate a mobile within earshot.

Increase the security of your device to protect its home screen from the finder. This feature will be helpful for an unsecured phone.

Erasing your phone or tablet can be the best option if you have no hopes to retrieve your device.

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