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Track Your Child’s Screen Time

Track your child’s screen time

It is considered an amazing and easy fix for the parents to handover the gadget to their kids for entertaining them. Kids love to spend their time on tablets or mobiles while watching cartoons. Monitoring the child’s screen time is quite essential.

Parents should keep their eyes closely on their kid’s activities. Excessive use of gadgets is quite harmful to the health of kids. Hence, parents need to take steps for tracking the child’s screen time in order to limit the use of it. 


Limiting screen time has become massively easier by the use of screen time tracking apps. One of the significant ones is the Freedom App. Get it installed quickly on your smartphones. It works for both Mac as well as iPhones. It is not possible to watch the wall clock or track the time from the wristwatch. The best way of tracking time is through the use of apps.

Track your child’s screen time

In Moment App:

This is one of the fabulous apps which displayed timing on the screen about the usage of the gadget. Although its aesthetic appeal is minimal, yet its functionality is amazing. Kids are attracted to social media apps and keep on exploring the newsfeed.

Time consumed on social media apps is important for parents to know. screens can affect their eyesight . It does not merely track the time but also make you aware about the historical data as well, so you can have a glance at the progress of limiting the screen time on a gradual basis. 


A worthy app which is comprised of stunning and splendid features for limiting the screen time is none other than Space. This app is indeed a masterpiece that lets you set goals and achieve them quite smoothly. A short questionnaire will be provided to you as you install the app. It features time use goals and screen unlock.

As the time increases, it would send the notification which would make aware you to take the gadget back form the kid. However, it also motivates you by offering enormous types of different badges as a token of achievement. These are granted to you when you successfully achieve the goal on per day basis. Hence, setting their goals and achieving them becomes massively easier.

Miscellaneous Apps:

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, you can choose to have various other apps as well, which include Off the Rid, App Detox, and AntiSocial. Get the app as per your ease and device.

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