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Microsoft confirms Windows 10 2004 is the next OS version

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You have to update your mobile and windows to cover bugs and viruses. The Netflix app and windows apps are available for users. You will be able to get the next version of the operating system from Microsoft. People like to download apps, but they ignore the importance of updates. Remember, you will get the solution of numerous problems with every update.

Microsoft has announced updates for Windows 10. In this spring, you will be able to get lots of new features. The previous updates were known as 20H1, and now you may get 2004 for Windows 10. The insider of Windows 10 disclosed many lacks in this operating system. It needs several improvements and new features. The old release has numerous bugs, and now these will be removed with the updates.

It is a historical event that Windows is ready to test its new release and prepare patches to cover its issues. Microsoft released 19033 along with some notes. They have confirmed that the next version 2004 will be available soon. Watermark of Windows insider is removed from this new build. They are working on this new version to offer considerable improvements.

Microsoft is ready to develop a new branch for the convenience of users. With no watermark on the new build, a unique number is available to identify the new version. It is possible to avoid numerous bugs in this new version. You must install them to upgrade your Windows 10 and get lots of new features.

Entertainment Apps for Windows 10

If you want the best entertainment apps for your Windows 10, you can start with Netflix. There are some new versions for Windows 10.

Spotify Music

If you love music, you will need Spotify music. It will help you to play your favorite albums and songs. Stream your favorite tracks and browse charts along with playlists. Discover new music and check amazing playlists. It is possible to stream this app for free. 

laptop and tablet

Sling TV

With more than 150 channels, you can enjoy the live stream. It all+ows you to get the advantage of a customized lineup. The base services and extras can be updated. You can access programs from AMC, Disney, ESPN, TCL, HGTV, CNN, NBC, NFL Network, etc. 


Hulu helps you to stream large music libraries. You can watch thousands of movies, shows, past seasons, original episodes and other programs. Feel free to find more than 85,000 episodes of different shoes. You can add live TVs for news, sports, and other channels. You can get the advantage of CINEMAX, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and HBO networks.

Netflix App for Windows 10 

Microsoft offers a special mode for Windows 10. It allows you to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV series and other programs. For friendly entertainment, you will find this app great.

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