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iOS 13 is killing background app more frequently

Background apps

Remember, iOS is killing background apps more regularly. It can be a bug in this latest release because iOS 13 is aggressively killing background apps. As a result, users are losing the progress of apps and switching to other systems. Things can be related to memory intensive items, such as iMessages or camera.

The reason is not apparent because it can be a bug in iOS 13 or things are about iOS 13.2. This problem can be common in old iPhones. The iPhones users may face RAM management issues even on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. 

Memory Issues and Poor RAM Management

Memory issues are related to a new camera system in pro devices. These devices feature more elements for computational photography and additional camera lens. Poor RAM management is the biggest problem. It can affect the progress of your apps in the middle of a task. For instance, you may face interruption when writing an email or watching videos on YouTube. A few users may lose entire drafts of emails because they switched away to the camera or Spotify.

A few users claim that iOS is forgetting about their last memory on YouTube. A rebooting app in the background was creating issues. To save your data, you will need a separate device. 

Users of iOS 13.2 complain that the latest updates are killing background tasks frequently. Some users noticed that they are jumping back and forth between different apps. Apps regularly load from scratch even without any accident, crash or forced closed. 

If you are working on Safari with almost five open tabs and head over to your messages, everything will be finished within ten minutes. Each tab will load from scratch, even Safari. It is happening in different apps. Some users lose their Google Sheets in Safari because of poor management of memory. Background apps

Camera App Creates Problems

The camera app is creating issues because it needs lots of power to run. These issues are increasing because of two lenses. This feature needs additional sources to work efficiently. It makes room by killing background tasks. Apple is working to fix this issue. For this purpose, Apple may release 13.2.1 iOS very soon.

It may not be a big issue for some users. Reloading apps means iPad or iPhone may take a hit on the battery front. This situation is dangerous for some background tasks. It will use up the battery and valuable processing power. Secure your essential data in these tablets. If you are worried about the latest iOS, try to bring it back to an older version.

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