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Here’s your guide to set up your new phone’s security

security on your new device

Are you worried about the safety of your device? You can make your device extremely secure with regular updates and antivirus software. Make sure to have the latest operating system. For software updates, check “Settings – About Phone – Software Update”. In this way, your tablet or phone will check for updates. 

Secure Your Tablet

A security lock is necessary to protect your tablet or phone from thieves and prying eyes. Make sure to enable Android Device Manager to wipe or find your phone if stolen or lost. If you want to set up a lock screengo to “Settings – Security – Screen Lock”. In some android devices, you may find this option under the lock screen. Select the type of lock you need and follow prompts to activate it.

Modern devices come with integrated location tracking. With this tool, you can find a missing mobile. It may be enabled by default, but double-check it in the settings app of Google. In this way, you can increase the security of your phone.

security on your new device

Turn Off Phone Unlock Fingerprint

Your fingerprint and Touch ID sensor may seem interesting to keep your data secure. Unfortunately, these can be dangerous for you. People can forcefully unlock your phone with these methods. For this reason, you have to turn these things off in your device. Use a passcode or password for the protection of your phone.

To turn off touch ID, go to “Settings – Touch ID and Passcode – Turn off iOS Unlock”. For android users, this process is different. Check “Settings – Security – Lock Screen (Nexus Imprint)”.

Mindfully Install Apps

After installing apps, you have to give it permissions carefully. Each app needs permissions for data or features of a phone, such as a camera, photos, contacts, etc. You must choose each app carefully because a single route app may punch holes in privacy protections.

For instance, Meitu anime app can whip up your privacy. Remember, these apps may need unfettered and unlimited access to your device. If your app is free, you have to pay for it in other ways. These apps can take your data. 

Decrease Online Footprint

Dozens of sites are known as data brokers. These sites crawl the web to get your private information and post this information online. This information will be visible to the world. You can see your name in search results. Remember, Spokeo, Whitepages and MyLife are making money by selling your information. To avoid this threat, you have to decrease your online footprint. Try to remove your information from data broker websites.

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