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How to create short films using your android phone?

android phone

Do you want to create short films? Fortunately, you can on your tablet! It is an easy way to become famous at school and get respect in your group. If you want to become a professional cameraman, actor or a director, you can create an impressive film. Creating a short film with Android will become a fun activity. Here are some steps to create short films with your device.

Smartphone with an Impressive Camera

In the first step, you will need a smartphone with the best camera. Quality of the camera may vary in each device. You can use your devices camera to create an impressive film. A camera with HD quality can work really well.

It is not possible to handle everything alone. For this reason, try to prepare a team of friends to work on this project. Choose creative friends because they can help you to finish everything in a better way. Share ideas with other people and check possible genres and storylines for your project. You can work on horror, survivor, comedy and phone

Plan of Action

Prepare dialogues, action movement and other things. There is no need to set a script, but it will help you in planning.

Plan everything cleverly and carefully. Make sure to work on a plot (storyline), movement, actor action, film location, dialogue, camera anger, position and other vital aspects. Create fun and believable dialogue. Everything must be easy for actors to avoid mistakes and confusions.

Perfect Place for Films

Location of your film must be safe from disruptions. Make sure to avoid trespassing before and during android phone. After selecting a location, get permission from the owner. 

If you are interested in parkour or action films, choose a safe location. The place must be noise-free because excessive sounds create troubles in your life. Ask your actors and crew members to memorize action, movement and dialogue.

There is no need to force your crew or friends to do stunts or hazardous action moves. These can be uncomfortable for people. You must give sufficient time to your crew and friends to memorize dialogues.    

Start Shooting for a Short Film

You can retry and cut again in case of mistakes or disruptions. Recording a film from your Android may be tricky, but practice can make things easy. Choose the best angle and position for Android. It is essential to hold your phone perfectly. The focus must be clear during recording for incredible results. You have to stop or pause the recording before switching to a new focus or angle.

Feel free to reshoot a scene if you are not satisfied. Mistakes are common; therefore, you should be calm and composed during shooting. In the end, edit your video and add special effects.

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