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What is the blockchain operating system?

blockchain operating system

We all use different devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets. These devices are subjected to different faults and problems that may occur over time. One thing that bothers all of us when we think of getting our devices repaired is how secure our data is.  

What is the blockchain OS?

Blockchain operating system is generally downloaded because it is considered as a secure way of storing the information in the device. Although there is nothing on the internet which is 100% secure, the blockchain operating system has been designed in a way that it is considered to be tamper free. 

What are the main characteristics of blockchain operating system?

The question arising in most of the people’s mind is why there is a need to download blockchain operating system when other operating systems in the form of windows and Linux are available. The answer to this question is the following three features:blockchain operating system


  • Decentralization:


With the feature of decentralization, the blockchain operating system distributes the same type of information to every user connected to it. Any person making the change to the network can see the validation coming from the entire network. So, when any miner brings changes to the block by performing the transaction, it is updated in the entire network. 


The data in the blockchain is processed so that its identity is completely hidden. The process of hashing is used to convert the data in the blockchain into a new value. It is very much similar to password protection. 

As a matter of fact, every block in the blockchain operating system has a unique hash and the hash of the previous block. Anyone changing the hash of the previous block in any block will also have to make changes to all the hashes of the previous blocks. 

The cryptography saves the person from the loss of bitcoins that may occur during a transaction. People can also hand over their tablet for repair without having to worry about the breach of security 


  • Consensus:


After tablet repair, people may feel the need to add a new block to the blockchain operating system. In order to add a new block to the blockchain operating system, the miner has to go through the process of consensus. In this process, the miners are required to solve the cryptography. When the code entered by the miners is validated by more than 50% of the people present in the network, the block is added to the blockchain.  

It should be kept in mind that not every miner has gotten the skills to add the block to the blockchain. In this way, the network of blocks in the blockchain operating system is controlled. This restricted mining power maintains the integrity of the network.

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