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What is better: A 7 or 8 Inch Tablet?

Samsung tablet

Tablet lovers keep exploring the latest versions of tablets. One major question when it comes to tablets is how to screenshot? Another important query is which tablet is best to purchase? Is bigger always better? If you want to quench your curiosity about what is better, a 7 or 8-inch tablet, then you are at the right place.

Both 7 inch and 8-inch tablets are well known for their features. People are quite conscious about the size of their tablet before making a purchase of it.

Tablets Vs. Laptops:

Tablets are preferred over laptops. Although laptops are good to be used at work spaces and helpful to students, the lightweight quality of a tablet makes it much more desirable. They are quite smaller than laptops and are easy to carry, and they also function as laptops!Samsung tablet

Sizes of Laptops:

Tablets generally exist in a variety of sizes. These generally range from 7 inches to 10 inches. You can easily learn how to screenshot on Samsung tablet. For this, two buttons need to be clicked simultaneously, which are the power button and home button. Isn’t it simple and quick? 

Laptops with a smaller screen can be carried in a bag quite easily. However, if you want to use it frequently, then go for a bigger screen in order to avoid strain to eyes and for better working too. Let us now delve into amazing tablets 

7- inch Tablets:

On 7-inch tables, you can practice how to screenshot. Screenshot is one of the well-known/fabulous features. They are good for reading and fit the budget as well. They are portable devices. However, it is not a marvelous option for net surfing which is basically due to harder navigation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, All-New Fire 7 Tablet, Lenovo Tab 7 Essential, ASUS ZenPad 7, and LG GPad V400 are the popular 7-inch tablets best suited to the budget as well.

8-inch Tablets:

Although 8-inch tablets have similar properties to 7-inch tablets, they also have enhanced features. It is known to have a competitive edge over 7-inch tablets. Enjoy a fabulous experience of watching movies on 8-inch tablet. As you have come to know how to screenshot on Samsung tablet then take as many screenshots on it as you like.

It is a worthy option for browsing the web. These are portable just like 7-inch tablet while 9-inch and 10-inch are not easy to move around with. Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Apple iPad Mini 4, Lenovo Tab 4/ Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and Huawei Mediapad M5 are the top 8-inch tablets to choose.


Choose the tablet based on the functions you want to use. Once you learn how to screenshot, you can find the images in the gallery!

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