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4 ways to avoid connectivity from the internet on your android device:

Wacom tablet

We often want to restrict internet access because many apps are running in the background and draining the battery of our device. Sometimes we do it because we don’t want certain apps to update automatically 

Many times we want to restrict the access of our personal devices to the internet because of many reasons. If you are using Wacom tablet, there are many Wacom tablet drivers that make the interaction between the hardware and software smooth. These drivers also speed up the internet. If you want to restrict the access to the internet, here are the 4 ways in which you can do it. 

  • Use a firewall:

Although the firewall in android is not needed as much as it is needed in windows. However, if you want to control the communication of your android tablet with the internet, you can use firewall

People generally want to avoid the internet because they want to reduce security risks. Using firewall is one of the best ways to prevent your android device to get internet connectivity. In this way, you can prevent sensitive information from accessing the internet. There are different apps available that provide firewall protection to the tablet. Some people also get Wacom tablet driver for their Wacom tablet in the form of firewall for increasing the security Wacom tablet

  • Disable your internet connection:

This is the easiest and simplest method by which you can disable access to the internet. Whether your device is connected to the internet through WIFI or by mobile data, you can turn off the connection by disabling the internet connection. Furthermore, if you want to avoid connectivity, you can do it simply by turning off the internet. This simple method will let you get away with the internet for an extended period of time. Moreover, your Wacom tablet also does not need any Wacom tablet driver for this purpose. 

  • Third party application:

If you don’t want to do it manually, you can easily download the third party application in your tablet. There are many free third party applications available on the internet that have been especially designed to avoid the connectivity from the internet. If you are using Wacom tablet, you will not be in need to install the Wacom tablet driver for using these third party applications. You can simply do it by downloading third party tool free of cost. 

  • Use parental control software:

Although parental control software is used specifically to prevent the children from using the internet, you can also use them when you want your tablet not to get connected with the internet. With this software, you can not only avoid the connection, but you can limit access to the internet according to your needs. 


Fortunately, for controlling internet access in any way, you can take very simple steps. There is no need search for Wacom tablet driver for this purpose. Make sure that you disable internet connection when you actually need to do it.

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