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Should I Fix My Computer or Buy a New One?

old computer

Once you break your computer, only a question pops up in your mind: how to get an affordable tablet? Before finding the answer to this question, you have to evaluate the condition of your PC. Sometimes, you can save money by repairing your computer. Buying a new computer is not easy. It can disturb your budget; therefore, here are some options for you.

Evaluate the Problem

Before deciding the fate of a broken computer, you have to find out its actual problem. Use your logic to save money and time. Try to troubleshoot your computer for software issues. Feel free to take it to a computer mechanic for technical support.

A tech-savvy relative or friend may help you find the actual problem. First, visit a repair shop with your computer and get a repair estimate. The diagnosis cost may vary between $50 and $70. It will help you to estimate the repair expense and price of a new tablet.

Replace or Repair

After diagnosing a problem and preparing an estimate, you have to decide if you can get the best value of money with this repair. Check the cost of a new laptop or tablet and compare it with the repair cost. If the repair cost is more than the price of a brand new laptop, you must buy a new device.

A new laptop must offer you longer battery life, portability and webcam. These things will help you get the maximum value of your money. Before buying a new machine, you have to estimate your budget.

old computer

Age of Your Laptop

There is no need to spend money on the repair of a five years old laptop. If your machine is older than two years, you can consider a repair for it. Evaluate the significance of the problem, such as a logic board of your laptop can be an expensive issue. It requires you to buy a new laptop. Other issues, such as failure of the hard drive can be easy to deal with.

Check Warranty of Laptop and Tablet

Some laptop manufacturers offer extended warranty for their laptops. If this warranty is expired long ago, you have to pay extra cost on its repair. It will be cost-effective to repair a machine within your budget. 

Repair Route

Check the warranty on repair route, such as 90 days. It will help you to get repair again within this warranty. You will be able to negotiate charges on a repair. Carefully choose a repair shop after reading reviews. If your repair expense is more than your budget, you should buy a new device.

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