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How to Remotely Wipe the Data on your iPads

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Remotely Wipe The Data

Most of us have the chances of losing our iPads, even though when following utmost care for the device. It can either get lost or stolen, leaving us perplexed not only of the lost device but also of the valuable data stored in it. However, Apple has included the unique tracking feature known as Find My iPad on the device. This makes it possible to identify the location of your lost device and a host of other options such as remote erasing of data.

This remote erase feature is highly useful in wiping your iPad clean. This will prevent anyone in accessing your data thereby avoiding any potential misuse. It is fairly easier to set up the Find My iPad and remotely erase option in your iPad. Below is how to remotely wipe the data on your iPad.

Remotely Erasing your iPad

  • One of the first steps to take is to sign in to your iCloud account using any other iOS device or a supported browser. This will open up a list of the available devices that you have added into the Find My iPad
  • Select the name of your lost or stolen device that needs to be erased and then tap on the Actions Then select the Erase iPad option.
  • You will then need to enter your Apple ID and Password to complete the erasing process.
  • For devices running on iOS 7 or later versions, you will also have the option to include a phone number for calling back and a short text message to display on the screen after you have completed erasing your iPad.

If your iPad is set to erase data, it will be confirmed by a green dot that appears on the left side of your device name. This will commence the erasing process and you will receive a confirmation email. In case if your device is currently offline, the remote erase will be initiated as soon as the device comes online.

You can also cancel the remote erase process if you find your device in the meantime. This will be helpful if your device was offline, and the remote erase option was not yet executed. To cancel the data erasing, tap on the device name under Find My iPad and select the Stop Erase Request.

For this, you may again need to enter your designated Apple ID and Password. However, if your device data was erased when you found it, there is also the option to restore your iPad by selecting the latest saved backup on your iTunes or iCloud account.

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