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The Future of Tablet Computing – 2019 And Beyond

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Tablets are gaining popularity for their power and unique features. They can enhance your productivity and online experience. The market of wholesale android tablets USA is booming at an impressive speed. In this day and age the use of tablets is increasing for both personal and business use.

Students and professionals prefer the use of tablets over other computing systems. Tablets can be helpful to maintain digital homework, notes, and other tasks. The medical field is becoming the 3rd largest sector for implementing tablets into their everyday routines. In the construction industry, tablets are replacing large blueprint pages. Considering its importance and demand, the future of tablet computing is looking very bright. Here are some technological advancements expected in the coming years.

Foldable Screens

In a recent conference, Samsung announced an Infinity Flex Display. With foldable screens, users can fold a larger tablet into a small phone. You may get this new device in the list of wholesale android tablets USA in 2019 or later. The technology of the Infinity Flex Display can create countless opportunities for a responsive design. It will be interesting to see how web apps might work on different screen sizes. Designers and developers are making seamless transitions for different screen sizes on a device.

Incredible Stretchable Surfaces

Along with foldable screens, you can also expect bendable, rollable, and stretchable screens. Sony, LG, and Samsung are discussing stretchable displays. Flexible OLED screen of Samsung will be 9.1 inches. It may stretch 12 millimeters in all directions.

Moreover, LG features an 18-inch prototype that may be rolled up similar to paper. Stretchable surfaces are resistant to damages. These screens can be used as car displays, wearables, digital readers, TVs, etc. It will be interesting to see apps on foldable screens.

Ever-expanding IoT      

The wholesale android tablets USA would be incomplete without IoT technology. Use of this technology is common in many everyday objects, from smart refrigerators to cars. Many companies are ready to introduce ways to expand this technology. These gadgets are currently working with native applications, but opportunities for browsing on the web are coming up. Apple has annouced the ability of Apple Watch to access web content. You can expect this technology on to move onto larger screen sizes.

New Notches

The iPhone X is available with the notch inception. Designers and developers are working to create apps for invasive cutouts. The notch inception is expected in four of the devices on the infinity series of Samsung. You may see a sudden change in design from U-shaped notch to V-shaped notch and O-shaped cutouts.   

Dual Displays

Do you want to see dual displays in the market of wholesale Android tablets USA? Several brands are paying attention to dual displays to combat design issues of front-facing cameras. Mobile vendors like Vivo are taking this route to avoid a front-facing camera. There will be another touch screen and camera on the back of the tablet to enhance your primary experience. Nubia X is working on this technology to improve its efficiency for tablets and cameras. However, experts are raising questions on the responsiveness of dual displays, but we still have to wait and see how efficient this new design will be.

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