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3 Best Android Apps for Streaming Football Games

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Streaming Football Games

If you are an Android tablet user who loves football, then you will probably have more than a few football games and apps on your device. Android tablet users normally use these apps to check live scores, team formation, team news, stats, and more. However, several Android tablet users are not aware of the fact that they will be able to stream live football matches on their Android tablets.

It doesn’t matter whether you are following club matches or international matches, there are several Android apps that will help you to catch the exclusive coverage of these matches. Moreover, as there are plenty of football streaming apps in the Play Store of Android devices, that might make you wonder which one of these apps is the best.

It is true that not of all these apps are great because some of them contain ads that pop up at regular intervals, while others let users stream only a limited number of live football matches. However, some of the best football apps that allow you to watch the exclusive coverage of famous football tournaments and international matches without any interruptions are as follows.


ESPN is the number one sports app across all mobile platforms at the present. This app is also arguably the best app for streaming football matches. You will be able to access and watch the live coverage of more than hundreds of football games through this incredible sports app. In addition to football, users can also stream tennis, basketball, baseball, and college football games via this app.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is one of the best Android apps that offer a seamless exclusive coverage of football matches to Android tablet and smartphone users. Moreover, you will be also able to watch the live action of all the sporting events that are airing on Golf Channel, NBCSN, NBC, and more. Even if you miss a match, you can catch the highlights on the app that will help you to stay updated on the matches and scores.


The reader’s choice award winner app, Ustream has become immensely popular among Android users, especially over the last few months. One of the most highlighting features of this app is that it offers a continuous streaming of live football matches without buffering. Although the free version of Ustream offers customers access to a limited number of matches, the streaming quality is excellent.

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