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How to blog from your tablet?

discount tablet pc

If your notebook is not working, you can use your tablet for blogging, office work, and different other tasks. Nowadays, a discount tablet pc is not a big deal. You can comfortable do your work with the attachable keyboard. In the absence of a keyboard, you can buy one as per your convenience.

Remember, a tablet is suitable for blogging. With a good tablet, it is possible to write comfortably blog post. Tablets are better than smartphones because of their large screens and attachable keyboards. 

Tablets are available with new features such as, keyboards, exclusive apps, and special accessories. You may find it suitable for blogging and other tasks. Here are some tips for blogging with a tablet.

Make sure to buy a 2 in 1 discount tablet pc. Before publishing a post, you must add tags and categories from the editor. Both iOS and Android tablets are suitable to add tags and categories.

With the help of categories, you can group related posts. Tags are necessary to catch the attention of visitors. A gear icon on the top corner may help you to find suitable options. By downloading blogging apps, you can save your time and increase your tablet pc

Tablets for Blogging

If you want to use tablets for blogging, feel free to get the advantage of these options.

Galaxy Tab Samsung S4

Dubbed as an excellent tablet, you can get the advantage of Oreo 8.1 Android. You can update a discount tablet pc to an Android 9.0 pie. This tablet features a 64GB RAM and Snapdragon processor 835. 

Samsung S4 tab comes with the best storage options, such as 256GB. The front camera is 8MP along with a 13MP rear camera. With a 7,300mAh battery unit, you can work consistently for 12 hours. Moreover, S Pen is available with this slate.

Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab 3

Lenovo is a famous name for high-quality devices. For blogging, you will need a reliable tablet. With this tablet, it is possible to view content and use Netflix. You can get the advantage of an integrated projector.

The battery life is excellent with 10,200mAh. With this device, you can get the benefits of 32GB storage, 2GB RAM, and an Intel Atom processor. Get the advantage of high-powered specs with this discount tablet pc.

Asus 3S 10 ZenPad

Products of Asus are very impressive. The 3S 10 ZenPad features 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and MT8176 MediaTek Processor. You may get extended battery life of almost 10 hours. Its front camera is 5MP, and rear is 8MP. A 9.7-inch screen features an impressive resolution of 1546 x 2048.

Huawei MediaPad 8.4 M5

It is a suitable alternative for the Android tablet. The operating system can be upgraded to Pie. The 8.4-inch screen size and 5,100 mAh can be an ideal combination for discount tablet pc.

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