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Help your family or friends to be productive with these gadget gifts

android tablet PC

Want to give productive gifts to your friends and family Christmas, holidays and Easter are significant events to save money on gifts, especially electronic gifts. If you want to give something productive to your friends and family, unique gadgets are available in the market. Here are some best options for you:

Android Friends Charge Up

Everyone wants to keep his/her smartphone charged. The cables that are available with your device may end up broken or lost before long. For this reason, you can help your friend by purchasing a USB-C power cable. 

Extra Cables for iPhone

iPhone users need extra cables as compared to android users. Apple uses a lightning port (proprietary), so you can buy this cable for your friends for happy holidays. A pack of braided cables can be a good choice. Make sure to purchase cost-friendly, good quality and durable chargers.

android tablet pc

Great Aids for Typing

Current smartphones are compatible to attach with Bluetooth keyboards. You can buy this keyboard if your friend always types on his/her android device or iPhone. He/she will really like an ultra-portable wireless (well-lit) keyboard. 

Gift a Mouse for Extra Control

Nowadays, you can connect your tablets and smartphones with Bluetooth mouse. Android devices and iPhones with iOS 13 have this ability. For this reason, you can buy Dekean as an affordable mouse. It can be the best choice for tech lovers.

Gift a Stylus

If your friend needs a stylus to use with their phone, you can buy a cheap device from Meko. This stylus can give life to a touchscreen. Make sure to check the compatibility of a phone or tablet before buying a stylus. It can be the best gift for Christmas. 

android tablet pc

HDMI Adapter

You can gift an HDMI adapter to your friend to plug the tablet into a TV, projector, or monitor. For iPhone users, you can buy an HDMI adapter of Geamon. It will not disturb your budget. If you need an HDMI adaptor for android phone, you will not go wrong with USB-C of Uni along with the adapter. It works really well with different devices.

Connectivity Gift

Nowadays, the internet becomes an integral part of your life. It will help your friends to stay connected with a mobile hotspot. Huawei offers best mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Your friends will like this gift for the holidays.

Moreover, you can buy smart speakers, such as Nest Mini and Echo Dot for your friends. These things work well with android tablet PC. In this way, you can set up your budget before buying the latest gadgets for your friends. 

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