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What is the exact Use of Google Instant Apps and its Benefits for Tablet Users?

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What if I tell you that you can try an Android app without getting it installed? The idea might be shocking for you, but this is an amazing feature by Google Android OS called Google Instant Apps. And if you are an Android user, you might have experienced it already without knowing about it. This feature is available even if you are using Tablet PC Cheapest Price. So now it’s an amazing opportunity to try various apps free without actually installing them and share your experience.

Google Instant App feature is available to all Android users using Android 6.0 or above. All you need to do is to activate this feature from your setting. Simply go to your Android Phone Setting, and from there Select “Google” and turn “Instant App” feature “ON.” Now you can try the Instant apps without installing them even if you have a Tablet PC Cheapest Price. You can search for instant apps in Google PlayStore.

Instant Apps to Grab Downloads

You might have the idea of Movie Trailer. Before the movie is released, a teaser or trailer is released where suspense is created among the viewers’ minds, and they finally buy tickets to watch the movie. So Instant App can serve a similar purpose. You can offer the users to test your app via instant app, and if they find it exciting and helpful, they may download your app.

This trick is often used by Android Game Developers. They Advertise their games using Instant Apps features, and they offer you to pay it for free without downloading and installing the app just by clicking or tapping on the app from your Tablet PC Cheapest Price. Once you play, it stops at a point, and then you are asked to download the fuller version of the game. Now if found this game exciting and entertaining, you might download the game after using it on Instant App.

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Instant Apps is Best Way to Test

Most of the developers release Alpha and Beta Versions of their Android apps before releasing the fuller version. And after the Google Instant App feature, most of the developers now use the Google Instant App feature to get their apps tested by the users worldwide. They get instant responses from the users, and it helps them get better before the actual release of the app.

eCommerce apps are mostly tested using instant app feature to get real-time shopping experience. You can not only shop like a real user, but you can also test your Shopping cart using the instant app feature, and hence you can review your own developed app even if you are using Tablet PC Cheapest Price.

So if you are a developer, you can use this Google Instant app feature to test your Android app or even to get your Android game tested by the users. Whatsoever, Google Instant App is a great feature to get a real-time experience of the app without downloading and installing it on your Android Phone.

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