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How To Customize Your Android Tablet Via The Settings App

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Customize Android Tablet

Customizing is one aspect that most of us look into after buying a new tablet. It is an important thing because it will help in optimizing the tablet for your usage. When purchasing refurbished tablets also, most users will perform customization to make the device apt for their use.

In Android tablets, the Settings feature allows you to make adjustments and customizations of all the aspects of the device. You can configure the display, sound, networking, touch input, accessibility and a whole lot of features from Settings. Described below is how to customize your Android tablet from Settings.

Enlarging Font Size and Setting Wallpaper

While you are using a new device, you may adjust some of the key settings like the font size and put a new wallpaper and screensaver than the default ones. For enlarging the font size of your tablet, go to Settings > Display > Font Size. Move the slider to the left or right position to adjust the size of fonts that appear on the display.

You can change the existing wallpaper that comes with your tablet with an image of your liking. To do this, you must tap on the Wallpaper option in display settings. Choose an image from the default wallpapers or select from any of your gallery images to set it as the wallpaper of your device.

Filtering Notifications

Another key customization that you can do on your Android tablet is to enable or disable the notifications by the apps. This can be sometimes annoying to you as the repeated notifications can result in a slowdown of the device while also interfering with your user experience. To turn off app notifications, go to Settings > Notifications and navigate down to the list of apps and select the app that you want to turn off notifications.

 Choose the app and toggle the Block All option for the app. You can also choose the notifications to appear silently without interfering with your usage. For this toggle the Show Silently button to On.

Disabling and Uninstalling Apps

While buying a cheap Android tablet, you might have come across systems and pre-installed apps that do not have any particular use for you. These apps can run in the background, eating up the memory allocated to the functioning of the OS.

The system apps cannot be removed, however, you can disable them, which stop the apps temporarily and prevent them from running in the background.  For this, go to Settings > Apps and scroll through the list and tap on the app that you want to disable or uninstall. Tap on the Uninstall option to remove the app completely from the device. For system apps, you can only tap on the Disable option to stop their functioning.


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