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Free iPad Games to Get you in the Halloween Spirit

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Halloween Spirit IPad Games

Halloween is just around the corner and the list of thrilling games shared below can keep you in the spooky spirits. You can download these apps free from the App Store and play on your iPad or iPhone to prepare yourself for the monster and zombie onslaught in Halloween. You may also try them on refurbished tablets that you buy from the wholesale iPad stores.

Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway is a favorite game of many iOS users. In the game, you will be driving a car in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You will have tilt controls and should try to kill the zombies who will attach to your vehicle otherwise. You can kill them by slamming against things or shoot them with powerful guns from the safety of your vehicle. When you advance, the zombies will become more and more powerful and many shots or whacks will be needed to get them off your speeding vehicle. The key here is to act fast; else, they will topple your vehicle and eat your brain.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

This is yet another classis zombie game and in it, you will be trying to make a wall of plants to take out an army of zombies trying to attack your home. The plants are capable of shooting seeds or explode to keep the zombies away from your house. They are also good barrier between the zombies and the house. If you make it through a set of zombie attacks without letting anyone into your house, you will progress to the next level to unlock new zombies and plants with new capabilities.

Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story

This is another game, which will test your mental capability. In the game, you need to escape from a cabin in which you are locked. The only way to get out is to make use of the clues to solve the puzzles that are scattered around. If you love playing mind bending games then this one will definitely help you get your sprits soaring high on Halloween Eve.

Zombie Gunship: Gun Down Zombies

This is another zombie killing game, meant especially for those, who like action-packed gaming. In the game, you work from the space to kill these brain hungry monsters. You can make use of infrared vision to target the zombies to support the remaining survivors and your ground troops. The game can offer many hours of interesting game play. Download the game for free from the App Store.

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