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How to Make Use of the Control Centre in your iPad

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Ipad Control Centre Tips

One of the notable features in an iPad is the Control Centre. It enables you to turn off or on important features quickly without navigating to the settings. For daily users, the Control Centre is indeed a helpful feature as it helps to carry out numerous tasks much faster. It can be used to control a host of features such as opening the Camera to enabling the flashlight.

Control Centre is a small menu that appears on the display when the user swipes up from the bottom. However, most of us are unaware of the Control Center and its important uses. It contains several shortcuts to the major functions and features of the iPad such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Calculator, Brightness, etc. Below is how to make use of the Control Centre in your iPad.

Accessing Control Centre

The Control Centre can be accessed on your iPad screen even when it is locked. For this, slide from the bottom of the display up to bring the Control Centre into view. Various quick controls are positioned at the top of the Control Centre menu such as Flight Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Mute, and Portrait Orientation Lock. Located beneath this row is the Brightness control slider that you can use to make the screen appear brighter or dim by using the slider.

Airplay and Airdrop Controls

The Control Centre hosts the Airplay Mirroring and Airdrop features located beneath the Brightness slider. Tapping on Airplay allows you to stream the contents of their iPad such as videos, photos, and music to Apple TV or a compatible TV. Selecting the Airdrop menu pops ups a menu that you can use to turn off the receiving data or send it to your contacts or everyone.

Enabling Night Shift

Night Shift is one useful function located beneath the Airplay and Airdrop option in the Control Centre. This feature reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your iPad, making it much safer to use the device at night. You can adjust the time in which the Night Shift feature is set by opening Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. Alternatively, you can tap on the Night Shift in the Control Centre to quickly enable the feature.

Utilities and Tools

Located at the bottom portion of the Control Centre menu are the utilities in your iPad such as the Flashlight, Timer/Stopwatch, Calculator, and Camera. You can use the Control Centre to quickly access any of these important utilities rather than always going to the menu.

Audio Controls

You can access the audio controls by swiping left in the Control Centre. Any of your open music or podcast will appear in the audio section of the Control Centre. It also consists of the audio controls for playing, volume, and skipping.

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