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Common Google PlayStore Errors and their Solutions

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Nowadays, people want the latest iPads and Android devices. In this situation, it is interesting to understand the importance of the cheapest tablet. Do you know who has the cheapest tabletIf you have a limited budget, you can buy the cheapest tablets. These tablets may offer you less power and battery time, but you will get sufficient features and benefits of an operating system. You can access the Google Play Store on every Android machine. If your Play Store is not working, here are some everyday things to do to remove possible errors.

DF-BPA-09 Error Processing Procurement

You may face DF-BPA-09 error when downloading an app. If you are trying again, this problem will appear again. To resolve this error, you have to play with settings. A person who has the cheapest tablet often considers it a particular issue. Remember, this error comes from the Play Store. See these things you can do to resolve this issue.

Move-in the settings of Android tablet and hit on Application Manager or Apps. The name of this app may vary in your device.

Swipe toward “All column”.

Carefully scroll down to access Google Services Framework.

Select “Clear data” and hit “OK”.

If the issue persists, check the site of Google Play on PC and install your app that is creating problems on your tablet. Install it again, and it will start working.

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Recover Info from Server

With this error message, you can download or update an app. The servers of Google allow you to retrieve your information from Google account. Feel free to re-register and delete it. After this process, wait for some hours and check if the problem is resolved. See these steps if the problem still persists. A user who has the cheapest tablet can follow these steps also.

Access “Settings – Accounts” and delete a Google account.

After doing this, you can reboot your tablet and re-synchronize your account.

Open the “Settings – Applications – All – Google Services Framework”. You should click “Clear Data & Force Stop”.

Authentication Required Issue

This issue is common on different Android devices. If you are facing this issue, here are some solutions to deal with it:

Enter the “Accounts” tab in the setting of the phone. Remove a Google account and add this account again. Sometimes, this process can remove a simple error.

Move to Settings, tap app manager, and go into Play Store. Delete your data from a menu to clear the cache. Sometimes, the problem lies in the Play Store itself. In this situation, an individual who has the cheapest tablet often blames his/her device.

You must go to settings – applications and search your play store. It is essential to uninstall updates. Sometimes, you have to disable your play store before doing this. In this way, you will get the initial version of the play store. It is time to re-register this store and update it.

Package File Invalid Issue

It is a famous play store error. If you want to solve this issue, check “Settings – Apps – All” and choose an app that is creating a problem. You have to clear data and clear cache. A user who has the cheapest tablet will be able to resolve this issue in the same way.

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