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How android 10 allows you to share your WiFi with QR code?

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Android 10 is becoming famous because of its unique features. Thanks to its new system because there is no need to share an extended Wi-Fi code with other people. If you want to share your Wi-Fi with other people, make sure to share it with a QR code.

A simple android app helps you to create a QR code to share with other people. Once a person scans this code, he will be automatically connected to your wireless network. Feel free to save it for use in the future. There is no need to enter & re-enter in your network to get this information. See these steps to use QR code with android 10

Find Network and SSID Encryption Type

Make sure to locate your service set identifier or SSID. It is the network name of your Wi-Fi. For instance, if Puppies45aure is your network name, then it is your SSID. If you don’t have information about SSID, check menu of Wi-Fi in the settings of android tablets. Based on the device, this menu can be hidden in a sub-menu, such as Internet & Network or Connections. 

Remember, SSID will be a Wi-Fi network saying “Connected” under it. Your SSID contains lower and capital letters. You must record it accurately. 

Now you have to identify the encryption type of your network. Tap on SSD from a similar menu, and Network Encryption Type may be under one header. It will read something, such as security based on your device.

Once you find network encryption type and SSID, you have to write them on a notepad. Remember, you will need this information later.

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QR Code Generator and Create Code

You have to download and install a QR code generator. Feel free to find it on the Google Play Store. After installing this generator, you can start creating this code. Remember, this generator can create different QR codes. You will need its ability to create a code for Wi-Fi network. 

This app can make a QR code that displays text. You can change this mode by clicking the button “Text” and open a new menu. Check this menu and choose “Wi-Fi”. 

  • You have to enter in your password, SSID and select type of network. SSID will be the same (you have recorded above), and the network type will be “Network Encryption Type” (you have recorded with SSID). In the last field, you will enter a password for Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure to enter information correctly. This app will create a QR code for your registered data. After putting all your information in, tap “Generate” to generate a QR code.

You can save this code as a PNG file on your android phone. It will help you log in to your Wi-Fi account.

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