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Is a $200 laptop better than a tablet?

cheap tablets with wifi and camera

People find it confusing to choose between cheap tablets with wifi and camera and laptops. Remember, both computing devices have their own benefits. Laptops are powerful devices to increase on the go productivity. On the other hand, tablets are handheld devices suitable to browse the internet and watch videos. Laptops are ideal for content creation, and tablets allow you to consume content. If you are confused between both devices, here are some points to understand their importance and uses.

Difference in Pricing

Tablets are low cost computing devices nowadays. You can easily buy cheap tablets with wifi and camera at $100. This cost is less than half that of a cheap laptop. Remember, laptops are more expensive than tablets. If you have a tight budget, you can buy a cheap tablet. It will help you to manage different business and personal tasks.

cheap tablets with wifi and camera

Size of Devices

If you need a portable device, tablets are better than laptops. You may get tablets with an 8-inch small screen to 11-inch large screen. Screen size can decrease the power consumption of your device. Your tablet may not need maximum power for display. As a result, you will get a lighter, smaller, and thinner device. The weight of an average tablet may vary around 1 pound to 2 pounds.


It can be challenging to classify the performance of a tablet and a laptop. Numerous tablets run different softwares than notebooks. No doubt, windows laptops have better capabilities and processors. A tablet may have less power, but it can work well with several streamlined software.

For this reason, cheap tablets with wifi and camera can help you. In this situation, you may find it challenging to make a decision. If you need an efficient device to travel, feel free to buy a tablet.

Battery Life

With the efficient processor, large batteries and small screens, tablets can offer better running time as compared to Windows laptops. Remember, the size of these devices is decreasing with time. You can get an efficient device within your budget. If you want to buy a laptop with maximum life, you have to increase your budget. Within a limited budget, you can afford a decent tablet. A tablet can give you over six hours of video screen time as compared to the Windows laptop.

If you want longer battery life at a small price, buy cheap tablets with wifi and camera. These tablets allow you to access numerous apps. Users can get multiple entertainment options, such as games, movies, and songs. With productivity software, these tablets look closer to windows laptops. 

Do you want to play games, read emails, and browse the web? Feel free to buy a tablet. Fortunately, windows-based tablets are available to increase your flexibility. You can get several accessories with a tablet, such as miniSD card slot for extra storage, Bluetooth keyboards for typing, and longer battery life.

Every device has its benefits and drawbacks. The final decision will depend on your needs. If you want a functional and efficient device, buy cheap tablets with wifi and camera.

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