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How to Wipe the Google Search History in your Android Tablet

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Wipe Google Search History

Google collects almost all of your information such as browsing history, interests, location, and other preferences while you use your tablet. This data is then used to give you personalized services and targeted ads. Besides, Google uses this data to assist you in your daily activities more efficiently.

You can use the Google Now feature to search anything related to your interests more quickly and conveniently with the added advantage of voice search. However, you may at times feel annoyed at the amount of data Google collects regarding your behavior on the web.

This is especially the case with your searches, as it can cause an infringement on your privacy if someone else accesses your device. However, Google allows you to customize this via Privacy Controls that will prevent in keeping your search history. You can also permanently clear up your existing search history by going to Google Now settings. Below is how to wipe the Google search history in your Android tablet.

Clearing Individual Search Queries

You can easily clear your individual search queries that you have made in Google. This is helpful if you wish to clear only selected searches that you have made and not fully clear them. For this, you must first launch Google Now by either sliding up from the home screen or tapping on the Google app. Once Google Now is opened, you must tap on the search box, which will then display a list of your recent searches.

To delete an individual query, long press on the one that you wish to remove. When this is done, a warning message will appear asking you whether you like to permanently remove the search query from your history. Tap on the Delete option in the message box to permanently delete that search query from your browsing history.

Clearing Search Queries Fully

You can also fully clear all the search queries that you have made so far using your tablet. For this, you need to change the settings in your Google account. Open your preferred browser and enter in the browser address bar to enter the Google Activity Center. You can also access the activity center by opening Google Now > Settings > Accounts & Privacy > My Activity. Once the Google Activity Center opens, tap on the three horizontal lines near My Activity and then tap on Delete Activity By.

This will bring up a new menu, and as you want to clear your search history, tap on the drop down option All Products. Scroll down the list and select Search. You can now decide on the date range to delete your search histories such as Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, and All Time. Select the desired option, and tap OK on the message box that appears to permanently delete your search history.

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