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How to Switch to Google Now on Tap from Google Assistant

Google recently came up with an update for the Google Assistant, which lets you find anything and provides extensive language compatibility also. Many of the users of an Android device love the Google Assistant for what it brings to the table.

To access Google Assistant, you can simply press the home button of the Android device but the voice assistant of Google does not provide the ease of use, which Google Now on Tap brings. If you feel so, you would want to know how to switch to Google Now on Tap from Google Assistant in Android. Follow the below steps for making the switch from Google Assistant to Google Now on Tap.

  • Launch the Settings app on your device and go to Languages & Input.
  • Choose Languages > Add a Language and choose your local language of your preference.
  • Choose any of the nations you want to irrespective of what you chose as the default language in Android earlier.

Only once the language gets added to the settings menu, you can access the overflow menu denoted by three vertical dots in the right and choose Remove. Then, you can remove the default language you configured in the Android device during initial configuration and make the switch. Note that once you choose a language, navigating back to the menu would be tough, so either choose a language you know or remember the navigation path to Languages & Input.

In case you need to disable Google Assistant temporarily, long-press the home button to bring up Google Assistant on the home screen and press the microphone icon. Then, tap on the overflow menu to the top and select Settings. Then, scroll and find Devices in the left pane and choose Phone or Tablet as per the Android device you use and toggle Off the Google Assistant. If you cannot open the Google Assistant by tapping the home button, you can open it from the app drawer in Android also for that.

Moreover, note that Google Now on Tap is not available all of the Android devices everywhere in the world. In fact, the Now on Tap feature comes inbuilt in Google Assistant and is not an application like the latter. Regardless, both Google Assistant and Google Now on Tap makes searching of nearby places and the like easy to do from the home screen of the Android tablet.

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