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How to Back Up the Data on your Android Tablet

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Back Up Android Tablet Data

The backup feature in tablets running on the Android OS is useful especially if any data loss occurs on the device. All the data saved on the device is backed up on Google’s servers, which you can easily restore in your current or newly purchased cheap Android tablet. Data such as photos, contacts, videos, app data, settings, etc., are also backed up on the servers.

It is much easier to backup the data on your Android tablet. Even though there are numerous apps available that enables backing up your data, the Android OS has inbuilt features that you can use to create backups easily and quickly. Below is how to back up the data on your Android tablet.

Backing Up Device Data and Settings

The device data includes the app data, settings, and Google data. Android contains several settings that can keep your important data safe. For backing up the data on your tablet, go to the Settings menu, navigate downwards, and select Backup & Reset. Toggle the button near the Back Up My Data to the on position. This will backup your crucial app data, Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks saved in Google Chrome, and other important settings.

Another useful setting in the Backup & Reset option is Automatic Restore option. This will restore the backed up settings and data to an app that is reinstalled. You can enable this feature if you are intending to purchase a new tablet from any refurbished tablets store. This will help transfer all the settings to your new tablet.

After this is done, go back to the Settings and select Accounts & Sync. Tap on Google, which will display a list of all the data from different applications that are synched or nor synched to Google’s servers. Tick the boxes located at the left of the items to enable backups for any of them.

Backing Up Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are the other major data that you can back up in your Android tablet. You can use Google Photos to automatically back up your photos. Then you can set the privacy settings of the photos such as making them private or share them with others. You can store an unlimited number of photos in the standard resolution of 2048 pixels. However, for backing them up at full resolution, you might need to purchase additional storage options from Google.

To back up the photos, open the Google Photos app on your tablet. Tap on the three dots that are displayed at the top right corner of the display. This will bring up several options and toggle the Auto Backup option on. You can also change the size in which the images are saved under Backup Storage.

This will back up all the images that are captured via your tablet’s camera. To back up other images such as downloaded images or WhatsApp photos, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left. Select the On Device option and tap on the Cloud icon located atop each category.

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