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How to Add Emoticons to Messages on Stock Google Keyboard

Android Tablet

Stock Google Keyboard

Finding out where the emoticons are on stock Android Marshmallow and how to use them while you type on your Android device is easy. Using the Android emoticons will make your conversations from the messaging app or a social media handle more meaningful and concise.

Navigate to the default text messaging app on Android like, say, Google Hangouts, to start a message with a friend in your contact list or outside the contact list. Then tap on the smiley face appearing on the Google Keyboard to add the emoticon to the message. While on Google Keyboard, the smiley face emoticon will pop up automatically in the bottom right corner of the Android tablet, if you are using Google Hangouts or any of the messenger apps for messaging.

You can also long press on the smiley face to bring up a list of available emoticons on stock Android Marshmallow. The emoji may also be hidden under the Enter/Return key of the Google Keyboard if you are using text messaging apps like Textra or others. In such apps, you need to tap and hold the Return key and the smiley face will pop-up over it – let go of the tap and the Emoji Keyboard will pop up subsequently on your Android tablet.

As of now, Google has added hundreds of emoticons to Android Marshmallow including the emoticons for Tacos, Hand Gestures, Flipping the bird, and more. If you cannot find the emoji you want to add to the message in the Emoji Keyboard, scroll through to the right to explore more emoticons in Google Keyboard. You can use any of them based on the emotion you want to convey in the message.

Google Keyboard is also called GBoard on Android devices featuring Android 6.0.1 or later versions like Android Nougat. It shall be noted the same emoticons on Marshmallow are available in Nougat, but with some more additions as Google has updated the Android OS. Even if you have two or more Android refurbished tablets featuring Android Nougat, you would likely get the emoticons.

People need emojis to convey their emotions in the social media chats or messages having character limits. Even the brands are adopting the brand-specific hashtag emoticons on Tweets since they boost the activity level on Twitter. So why not use them on the messaging app of an Android device.

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