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How Does Autofill Works on an Android Device Featuring Android Oreo

Among other Android Oreo features, the one to watch out for is Autofill, an Application Program Interface (API) that allows app developers to detect as well as input the form data within an application and on the web form, all the same keeping the login information secure. As Autofill has a wider acceptance, logging in web forms and entering the personal information in the sign in fields of compatible apps on Android tablets has become more fun.

You may not like to enter all the information into a web form, such as when you try to login to a social media account or email on a desktop PC, and would rather want them to get filled automatically. Likewise, with the introduction of Android Oreo to many of the Android Devices, the option of entering the login information via Autofill is gradually becoming a reality. Android Oreo is yet to roll out completely to all the branded Android devices, but a wider launch is bound to happen soon.

To know the version of your Android tablet, you can navigate to Settings > About Tablet. After verifying the OS version, navigate to Settings > System > Languages & Input > Advanced > Input Assistance > Autoffill Service and then choose the application you need to use to fill in the web forms and the fields using the Autofill feature. Configure the feature, and each time an application shows a sign in field, the Autofill API would automatically request the information stored in the application.

You may need to authenticate the passcode or fingerprint ID in order to configure Autofill for the given application. In fact, the same goes true also for the web forms. As of now, the Android password managers are somewhat limited in compatibility for Autofill. However, you can use compatible apps like Dashlane on your Android tablet to configure and use Autofill.

Any compatible application using a ‘Standard View’ and to have configured Autofill API should be working fine on Android Oreo. In fact, even the applications using the Custom Views can be configured, as long as the app developer enters the hints to facilitate Autofill in the configured app. Moreover, gaming applications that use an OpenGL API support Android Oreo’s Autofill.

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