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Best Budget Tablets with Accessories

cheap tablets under 60 dollars

Do you want to find cheap tablets under 60 dollars?

We are going to give you a list of the best tablets that come with an impressive bunch of accessories. You will find these tablets offer great value despite them coming with accessories or you can buy them separately. 

Apple iPad 2018

It’s not easy associating Apple Product and affordability together. The iPad 2018 has everything you would want in a stylus tablet; it offers a great price point but contains a few optimized apps. Apple Pencil is sold separately, but this device does offer extensive support for a stylus.

IPad is equipped with A10 fusion chip which features retina display the only issue is this iPad comes with a non-laminated screen. If you are a creative professional, you can try a bit pricier option. It’s an excellent option.

android tablet

Google Pixel Slate 12.3 inch

This is another entry on our list that is a bit costly. Google prices its slate for its Molecular Display. The Pixel slate delivers harp display and other similar dimensions. Another massive option is convertibility. This is an expensive option, but it will set you a bit back considering you are going to buy the accessories separately. 

It supports a wireless keyboard, pen, and a few other accessories. These are exceptional accessories, but it’s a shame they don’t come included in the box. You will have to pay extra. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

This is known as the best all-purpose tablet. It’s one of the best stylus supporting android tablet. There are a lot of factors which contribute to this factor. The only thing that takes the case is you won’t have to pay extra for the S Pen. The S pen doesn’t rely on the battery. The tablet supports Super AMOLED Screen. Its only 10.15 inches. This makes it a great choice for the average screen. The catch is all good things don’t come cheap. 

Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

If you need a mid-range Android device that looks expensive, the M5 tablet won’t disappoint you. It’s a sleek and affordable option that turns head almost anywhere. It’s portable, and it can fit inside a small purse without any issue. This is one of the best cheap tablets under 60 dollars. It’s hard to tell the price point after taking a look at the device itself and its spec sheet. 

Lenovo Yogabook 10.1

The Yogabook is an exceptional series of portable devices. The 10.1 is perhaps the most innovative and creative entry in this list. The cross between tables and laptop is a common concept, but Lenovo has taken it to another level. It’s hard to expect such high quality at this price point. 

You won’t find it at a list of cheap android tablets under 60 dollars it’s a bit expensive device, but it comes with exceptional features and accessories like a halo keyboard, real pen stylus and much more. Lenovo did an exceptional job with this device; it offers great value and features


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