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Benefits of having a Mid-screen Size Tablet

what is the best cheap android tablet

These days tablets are available in different sizes. You can buy a small, large, or mid-screen size tablets at an affordable price. The screen becomes an important consideration when you think about what is the best cheap android tablet.

Mid-size tablets are becoming famous because of their portability and size. These screens can increase your productivity. Prices of these devices may vary between $80 and $300. Remember, an 8-inch screen may work well rather than a 7-inch tablet. It can be an ideal option to watch videos, gaming, and book reading.

Increase Your Productivity

These tablets are suitable for people who can’t see small objects. With the use of mid-size tablets, you can perform different productive tasks. It is easy to use spreadsheets or word processing with tablets. The screens of mid-size tablets are larger than smartphones. It is possible to use this tablet in a portrait mode. Remember, the width of the screen in a landscape mode can make typing a bit challenging.

You can easily carry these devices around, but it may need more commitment. People can carry it in a backpack or purse. The screen is suitable for numerous creative tasks. Do you want to know what is the best android tablet? Check out these mid-screen size models.

what is the best android tablet

Lenovo Tab 4

It can be an excellent substitute for a 7-inch screen. If you want an 8-inch Android tablet, feel free to buy this model. Protect its rear and front design with a glass cover and metallic rim. It is necessary for the security of your tablet.

The 4GB RAM, Android 7.1 Nougat, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, makes it work smoothly at a fast speed. You can consistently use it for almost 12 hours. For this reason, you can use Lenovo tablet during long trips. There is a USB-C port is available for charging.

Huawei MediaPad M5

It is a good answer to what is the best cheapest android tablet. Huawei M5 is a cheaper device with 4096 levels of screen sensitivity. Feel free to attach a keyboard that may give you the benefits of multitasking. For optimum performance, you will need a MediaPad M5.

With its Kirin 960 processor, Oreo Android 8 operating system, expandable storage, and 4GB RAM, it can run smoothly and perfectly. However, this tablet doesn’t have an audio jack. Buy Bluetooth speakers or earphones to enjoy your favorite music. Its display size is 8.4-inches with 2560 x 1600-display resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet A

Samsung boasts an 8-inch Android tablet with modest specifications and features. It comes with Quad-Code Qualcomm Snapdragon, Android 7.1 Nougat, 16GB internal storage, and 1.5GB RAM. It offers expandable storage to almost 128GB. Remember, large games and apps can decrease the speed of the tablet.

The cameras have a 2MP and 5MP resolution. It is good for providing you with focused and clear photos. Moreover, it is compact in size, lightweight, and thin. For this reason, it is comfortable and portable to transport. You can use it for 10 hours consistently. With casual use, its battery can survive almost two days. If you want to find out what is the best cheap android tablet, feel free to consider this model.

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