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The use of Dropzone for Android phone users

Android phone

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are available at an affordable price. Honor or Huawei smartphones can be the right choice. These run EMUI so that you can use Dropzone. People may not know about Dropzone, so here is a quick introduction.


Android interface of Huawei features Dropzone. It is an EMUI interface for notification management. You can use to prevent or limit bubble notifications appearing in an app. Remember, it allows you to manage notifications of messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger. If you don’t want to see bubbles, Dropzone will help you. It will be easy for you to view the message quickly. 

It works really well by preventing or allowing screen overlay. Menus of Honor or Huawei smartphone will help you to manage notifications. With this feature, you can manage different apps, such as third-party navigation (gesture) systems and launchers.Android phone

Disable or Enable Dropzone

Dropzone may not appear in your Settings menu. Remember, it is a part of the manager app EMUI on your phone. Feel free to disable or enable this feature with this procedure:

  • Select the Honor/Huawei Optimizer app (it may be known as Phone Manager in a few devices).
  • The middle of the base row allows you to access Dropzone. Click Dropzone.
  • It is possible to enable this option for particular apps or disable this feature completely.

You may not find Dropzone in a regular settings menu. In an optimizer app into EMUI, you have to check this feature. The app is famous as phone manager but check for the white shield on the blue background. 

Feel free to check for all apps or select particular ones. Notifications of Facebook Messenger will not float around after setting up Dropzone.

Disable Notifications of App on Android Devices

If your android devices don’t have DropZone, you can manage your notifications differently. These devices come with different built-in notifications settings. It is possible to allow or block specific texts. Feel free to use “Don’t Disturb” settings on Android.

There are particular options to block different notifications from apps.  Before you start working, understand the nature of this feature. A “Don’t Disturb” feature can turn off all critical and idle notifications.

Activate Don’t Disturb on Android

You can enable “Don’t Disturb” on android to turn off notifications from the quick settings menu. Here are some necessary settings.

Pull down a top bar on the phone and see quick settings menu. You can easily find this option in quick setting menu. Feel free to use three options:

Alarms only: Blocks every alarm.

Total Silence: You can block vibrations and sounds.

Priority Only: It allows you to block everything, such as essential callers, events, reminders and alarms. Modify this option to examine the next section.

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