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Why is a Tablet the Best Travel Gadget?

10 inch tablet

If you want to travel but you need something to keep up with your digital life, then a 10 inch tablet will work for you. Following, we are going to explain why a tablet makes the best traveling gadget

It’s Lightweight

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about taking a tablet for travel is the weight. Tablets are light when compared to laptops. Moreover, the performance difference isn’t much if you bought a high-end device.

Even light and thin laptops weigh over 2 pounds. Tablets weigh ¼ of that. This means your bag will carry less weight as you travel. It won’t weight much even if you add a portable keyboard to this mix.


The gap between a tablet and a laptop has narrowed down thanks to the introduction of hybrid devices and portable keyboards.  If you travel, pack a 10 inch tablet with keyboard, and you won’t sacrifice on anything while working remotely.

Tablets can take care of any task you throw at them. If you have a keyboard, you can work on a spreadsheet and word processing; there are several apps available in the app store for this. It doesn’t matter whether you use iOS, Android, or Windows 10 on your tablet; you can find apps to do almost anything you want on your tablet.

Travel Apps

You can’t make any excuses based on apps. Tablets today have a wealth of apps available to them. These apps can sustain your needs if you are traveling for long periods of time. Travel apps can be almost anything such as maps, digital guides, walking tours via augmented reality, and much more. You can check your tablet to see a variety of facilities in the area you visit.

A compact 10 inch android tablet should meet your needs. However, if you want to use the full desktop version of windows apps, you should consider buying a surface device. These are 2 in 1 hybrids that work as both a laptop and a tablet.

Entertainment for the Road

It’s no secret that tablets are excellent for watching your favorite content. Tablets make great entertainment devices thanks to their cutting-edge features and small size. If you plan to take a long trip, you should take your tablet as well as your smartphone.

Leave the smartphone for taking pictures and making calls. Use your tablet for viewing videos, streaming music, and anything else for your entertainment.

Doing Some Basic Work

You can’t replace your laptop with a tablet when it comes to work. However, if you need to do some light editing or write something, you can do it on your tablet. If you need to write a post or a long letter, you can do it with your 10 inch tablet provided you use a keyboard with it. As for photos, some lightweight apps can help you edit your pictures.

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